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The "Na Santince" residence is situated in the vacant lot on the Na Santince Square between the Zelená Street and Bechňova Street which is roughly a 10-minute walk from the Vítězné Square. The peaceful location is not burdened by traffic and so the living conditions are excellent.

This part of Dejvice district is often sought for its wide range of facilities that include for instance shops, kindergartens, schools and theatres. Last but not least, this area offers a very good access to public transport. There is a bus stop of line 131 right next to the house which can take you to the metro station Hradčanská (line A) in 8 minutes. Within a short time you can also reach a tram stop of line 8 (450 metres away) and metro station Dejvická (line A, circa 800 metres away).

You can also spend your leisure time with a 1-kilometer walk to Horní Šárka, Baba or the river Vltava. And moreover, the park Stromovka is only 500 metres from here. The formation of the Na Santince Square dates back to 1929. Its name is a reminder of a nearby estate which was named after its owner Santini Bossi, a burgher of Malá Strana and an imperial architect, who died in Prague in 1673.

The authors of the project respected the existing buildings and they designed a modern house with an emphasis on the arbour, additional storeys and also on the building itself. The house can be characterized by its simple envelope which is structured by regular windows and balconies. The material was chosen with respect to the simplicity of the details but also to the exclusivity which the building rightly deserves.

800 m
2x parks
1010 ha
11 x
15 min.