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The "Na Santince" residence is a new developer project of P.H.A., a. s. This residence is situated in an attractive quarter Dejvice in Prague 6 next to the new Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University. The exceptionality of the project lies in the highly valued location and also in its innovative floor plan solution with a glazed atrium hall. The luxurious character of the house is confirmed by high standard facilities such as reception, a multi-storey underground garage or use of exclusive materials in the exterior and the interior of the house.

The house consists of 6 storeys above ground and 3 underground storeys. The part of the house above ground contains 25 flats with two commercial units that can be accessed from the arbour which frames the house's street facade. The two highest storeys are exceptional thanks to the indented facade that enabled construction of spacious terraces with a unique view of the historic part of Prague and residential area Hanspaulka.

The important advantage of this project is individualization of the overall appearance of the flats. This includes not only the disposition of the flat but also the possibilities to design the interior and the materials according to client's wishes and ideas.